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Grocery shopping or getting a drink on a terrace

gepubliceerd op: 15 May 2020
Maintaining a monthly blog in a period when the impulses from outside have disappeared does not seem to be easy at first. After all, we don't really experience much outside of our gate to write about. Provided you can count a weekly trip to the local supermarket. Let's not get into the details about that too much. Or is it?


A visit to the local super was just like any outing a pleasant activity for us. Armed together with our shopping bags to the village. Usually before a "garoto" at the bar in the supermarket, or on the terrace at our friends at New Era. Usually the latter is a less good option if we have more on the agenda that day. It has happened several times that this "cup of coffee" turned into a complete afternoon program with friends and acquaintances who also passed by and queuing. On such a day it is wonderful and you feel the freedom splashing off. When the afternoon is over and lunch gives way to toasts with wine, we just must not forget to get the groceries.

Schermafbeelding 2020-05-15 om 15.21.13 (1).jpg

At the moment, grocery shopping looks slightly different. The coffee bar is closed anyway, there is usually a queue of around 6-8 people in front of us and we put on our gloves neatly. Some people wear mouth masks and all are properly spaced. The supermarket manager welcomes everyone personally and takes another trolley into the store in turn. But not before the hands are disinfected and also the handle of the shopping cart. In Madeira it is all very orderly and neat. We notice that everyone adheres well to the "Covid-19 rules". This certainly contributes to the fact that there are still so few infections here.

Once in the store, we see that everything is just there. Something not always the case on this island, but it is remarkably well supplied. And that for more than 6 weeks now since Madeira was closed to the outside world. Apparently they are working extra hard to be able to offer everything. Despite the stricter work regulations, the store employees are also very friendly and helpful as always. For us, only the shopping list changes a little bit, we cook more at home and experiment more in our house. A wide range of recipes has already been added to the list of "guestproof recipes" for later. So much fun to do. The most delicious soups, banana carrot cake, fresh focaccia, apple crumble muffins and various oriental dishes. When we leave the till and drive home it is nice to be there again. It is a strange world with all those mouth caps and therefore (even) less intelligible words.​​​​​​​

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Once home, we usually fall into the routine of the day. It will be no different for many than it is for us. So it doesn't really matter where you stay in this world. That is also unique, right? What makes it special here is the view of the ocean and the door that is almost always open. We are also working on ideas that can be implemented when we can receive guests again. Things that make it even more fun and delicious to be here with us and things that make it easier for the guest. Think of activities that we enrich with our knowledge or additions of services such as BBQ on site in the mountains, or the provision of delicious filled picnic backpacks. So that we can give you the holiday feeling you deserve even more.​​​​​​​

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Our own reusable water bottles have now also arrived. These will be for sale later when you are here for a price that is more than 40% below the retail price, we pay the rest so that you really get something beautiful. It is perfect to take with you on your hike or activities here in Madeira and also to use at home or at work after the holidays. We have opted for a sturdy all-black Chilly’s Bottles from England. If you still want to do something, then something that will make you really happy! In any case, we are very proud of it.​​​​​​​36%-2.png


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