Honeymoon Specials

A romantic dream location with the shining sun, waving palm trees and a fantastic view of the azure blue sea. Calheta Boutique Houses offers a romantic location for an unforgettable honeymoon.

After the joyful ceremony and hectic days before the wedding, you naturally want to relax and enjoy yourself as much as possible during the honeymoon. Madeira offers the ideal location. We are full of ideas to celebrate love in Madeira and we are happy to help you create the perfect honeymoon.

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Experience Madeira

Madeira has been at the top of the World’s Leading Island Destinations list for years, but luckily has not yet been discovered by the masses. Rough nature and mountains, views of the azure blue sea, a beautiful marina and idyllic streets, Madeira has it all.

08 August

The last step of our renovation and looking to the future

On January 11, 2018 we came to Madeira together to start our new life. A new challenge, a different work pace, better weather and, above all, more time for each other.

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11 July

Arco da Calheta: Craft

From the first time we came to Portugal and Madeira, we were both in love with the type of Portuguese pavement stones called Cal├žada Portuguesa.

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13 June

Arco da Calheta: Island mentality

Since we have been living in Madeira, a number of things have changed for us compared to our lives on Texel. There are great things that really make a difference, such as the climate.

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