About us

In January 2018, during our vacation in Bali, Dave read the book "Live your best life" by Michael Pilarczyk. In it he raises questions such as "what makes you happy?" and "what do you really want?" Food for thought. In retrospect, this turned out to be the seed that was planted for the Calheta Boutique Houses. When we heard shortly afterwards about the estate that was for sale in Madeira, we didn't have to think long. Live your best life. In Madeira ... it was meant to be.

Together we boarded the plane to pursue our dreams in Arco da Calheta in Madeira. We have completely different backgrounds, but are both driven by everything we do and our vision has always been remarkably the same.

For example, sustainability is of paramount importance to both of us. We believe in a beautiful, healthy and sustainable world in which people live and work without harming nature and the environment. The boutique houses are of the highest quality and comfort and are equipped with sustainable appliances. Energy-efficient and water-saving systems have been installed not only in the cottages, but throughout the estate. In this way we hope to enjoy the beautiful nature of Madeira for a long time to come. Just like our guests.

The most important thing is that our guests are completely happy with our estate - from the moment you take your first step in until the moment of departure. We think this the way a holiday should be.

If you have any questions about our boutique houses, the unique area or want to enquire about other options, please contact us. We are happy to assist you.

Dave & Anne

Experience Madeira

Madeira has been at the top of the World’s Leading Island Destinations list for years, but luckily has not yet been discovered by the masses. Rough nature and mountains, views of the azure blue sea, a beautiful marina and idyllic streets, Madeira has it all.