Holiday houses on Madeira

Holiday houses

The Calheta Boutique Houses are located in the basin of Arco da Calheta, on sunny Madeira. Because of its location, the climate here is even sunnier and softer than on the rest of the island.

StylishBoutique Houses

The Calheta boutique houses complement each other in style and atmosphere, but are all unique. The natural surroundings, the climate, the view and above all the local culture have inspired us in the design. The cottages are luxurious and offer sufficient privacy.

Deluxe suite

Really get away from it all. In our 2-person boutique house you enjoy peace, space, luxury and each other. The cottage is fully equipped and has its own outdoor space that offers views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Arco valley.
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Executive suite

An oasis of tranquility, luxury and comfort. Our 2-4 person boutique house is luxurious, spacious and fully equipped. It has its own outdoor space that offers views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Arco valley.
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Sustainable measures with love for the island

  • Our garden is watered with water from the mountains of Madeira, which we store in special tanks of 50,000 liters. In this way we are assured that the garden can also be supplied with mountain water in dry periods instead of using drinking water.
  • All houses are well insulated, ensuring a comfortable indoor temperature.
  • Only Fairf, a nature-friendly water-based lime paint, was used for the paintwork.
  • All roads and walking paths were laid in accordance with Portuguese tradition with stones from the quarry in Madeira.
  • We do not work with chlorine, but have opted for an environmentally-friendly saline solution to maintain the condition of the swimming pool. This saline solution has a beneficial effect on the skin.
  • We have opted for a hot water system, in which the water is heated by solar panels. A very energy-efficient alternative.
  • Economical LED atmospheric lamps are from the Weltevree Dutch design agency.
  • We offer natural care products from Marie Stella Maris. Marie-Stella-Maris contributes a fixed amount for each product to help realize clean drinking water projects. Care for Water, just like we do!
  • All houses are completely future-proof and therefore completely natural gas-free.

Experience Madeira

Madeira has been at the top of the World’s Leading Island Destinations list for years, but luckily has not yet been discovered by the masses. Rough nature and mountains, views of the azure blue sea, a beautiful marina and idyllic streets, Madeira has it all.

03 January

It’s the most wonderful time of the year - 5 redenen waarom je in December naar Madeira wil!

Madeira is onlangs alweer voor de vijfde keer verkozen tot ‘Best Island Destination Of The World’, iets waar we met z’n allen trots op mogen zijn. Jaarrond kun je hier genieten van de mooie en vaak ruwe natuur, het zachte klimaat en lekker eten en drinken, Madeira heeft voor ieder wat wils! Zo ook in December, mocht je nog een leuke bestemming zoeken voor bijvoorbeeld de kerstvakantie.

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08 August

The last step of our renovation and looking to the future

On January 11, 2018 we came to Madeira together to start our new life. A new challenge, a different work pace, better weather and, above all, more time for each other.

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11 July

Arco da Calheta: Craft

From the first time we came to Portugal and Madeira, we were both in love with the type of Portuguese pavement stones called Calçada Portuguesa.

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